ince established in 1978, Kyungnam Chemical Co.,Ltd, we are taking the lead in producing  


various color masterbatch, agricultural masterbatch, functional additive masterbatch, calcium carbonate masterbatch and compounds. We anticipated importance of plastic material which is one of ultra-weight, ultra-density, ultra-precision and ultra-enforcement materials, and has been made with master batch business which is a important part of plastic industries. Now, we have 7 main masterbatch lines,therefore we have manufactured PE, PP and functional products. The main Factory have manufactured 4000 ton of masterbatch a year, 50% of them PE products, 30% of them PP products, 20% of them functional products.
Currently, we covered all the general plastic materials and engineering plastic materials, besides, we have completed technology and updated equipments to manufacture color masterbatch quickly and accurately. According to the development of high functional and multi functional plastic materials and masterbatch increased rapidly we havecultivated high research manpower to augment price competition capacity and to meet high quality's plastic materials which are pursuited from plastic molding industries, we are going to continue our unremitting exertions to develop special materials to reduce cycle time and to pursuit high functions, to attain such subject, we first continue our exertions to lower the melting temperature and to a accelerate speed of crystallizing. Besides, we continue our unremitting exertions to satisfy our customers based on our motto harmony and unity between employees, ingenuity and sincerity.






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